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Innovative Tyres and Tubes Limited (ITTL) is part of the reputed Innovative Group, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Bias Tyres in India, with a prodigious history and colossal experience of 20 years in manufacturing field. ITTL offers a wide range of products in the Truck / Bus, Agricultural & OTR and Motorcycle / 3-wheeler segments. The company has two manufacturing units- Innovative tyre plant and innovative tube plant- which are located very close to each other.

Our full range of products, along with tubes and flaps, allows us to serve our customers with unparalleled flexibility of product mix and delivery. We call it the 2.5-to-250 range, referring to the disparity between the lightest motorcycle tyre and the heaviest Off-the-road mining tyre that we produce under one roof.

The company has a strong hold over domestic and export market, manufacturing in various brands as well as performing job work for others, including prestigious names in the Indian Tyre industry. We currently send tyres to more than 40 countries spread across 5 continents.

Quality at Innovative is not an act, but a habit. Our manufacturing facility maintains the highest standards of quality and strict in-process controls so that our customers are assured of a superior quality product. Our tyre testing center includes compound testing, testing of chemical and physical properties and product performance testing such as plunger tests and pulley-wheel testing.

Our manufacturing plants are located at Halol, Gujarat in India in the industrial friendly state of Gujarat. Our location on the upcoming Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor ensures that we are in the middle of strong industrial belt with good base infrastructure and access to all key market areas.

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Innovative Group is a diversified business house catering to the automotive market. The group comprises of three companies- Innovative Tyres and Tubes Limited, Future Tyres Private Limited and Gaia Batteries Private Limited- spread over 4 manufacturing units located near to each other.

These four units together directly employ more than 700 people and provide indirect employment to many more.

The organization is led by a group of professionals with combined experience covering all functions of business. Apart from multiple tyre industry veterans, the board is also blessed with presence of distinguished individuals with experience in corporate finance and law, among other key functions.

The group is set to welcome two entrants- Green Batteries Private Limited and Green Tyres Private Limited, both part of a joint venture with Greenfield Inc., part of Nepal-based Vishal Group to cater to the dynamic Nepal market for tyres as well as batteries. Based in Kathmandu, Vishal Group is a business house with interests in a plethora of market sectors-FMCG, education, insurance, hospitality and cement and steel, to name a few.

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At Innovative, we believe in a business ethics and values and LIVE BY IT. Innovative stands for the values we believe in – that only socially responsible and ethical businesses would prosper in the long run. Most of all, we pride ourselves in putting PEOPLE FIRST – our employees, our business partners and the stakeholders at large.

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